Wandering for the tools with graphical user interface for Amzaon SES to send your marketing emails? Create your marketing campaigns and send with SlothMail.

We’ve got you covered! Let's create your

SlothMail, tools for email marketing!!!

Create marketing emails with easy-to-use user interface


We combine powers with Amazon SES to make sure your emails get to your customers.

Amazon SES and AWS infrastructure is highly scalable and affordable. Therefore, you can cut your email marketing cost to minimum.

SlothMail provided WYSIWYG editor for easy email building. Provided teamplate for you to import your emails list into SlothMail easily.


SlothMail will Confirm Email Delivery, Mail Open Tracking, URL Click Tracking and Bounce Email tracking.


SlothMail: Email marketing tools with graphical user interface for Amazon SES

  Please contact us at info@the-asp.com if you have any question.

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